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Our first meeting in our new 'home'

'A great move'

The October 2017 meeting of Aedificandum Lodge will be remembered for a long time by those who were there

First of all, it was the first meeting in our new 'home', the Lenchford Inn at Shrawley.

Sadly, after only 18 months our previous venue in Droitwich had decided they could no longer accommodate the lodge so there were anxious times while the Worshipful Master and his officers searched for an alternative meeting place.

The general feeling was that the Lenchford was a better venue with excellent buffet food and we now look forward to a long relationship.

Secondly, two new joining members were proposed, one of whom was balloted for and accepted at the meeting. Both new members are 'light blues' and therefore exactly the type of member the lodge has been seeking to attract.

The secretary announced, though, that with the extra space the new venue affords us, it will no longer be necessary to discourage applications from 'dark blues'!

The third reason for it being such a memorable meeting was the splendid presentation entitled “Your body being thus considered an emblem of your mind“ by W.Bro James Benson, winner of the 2017 Provincial Lecture Competition. W Bro James explained some of the inner workings of the brain and how it influenced our lives in general and our masonic work in particular!

We can, we were told, take steps to train ourselves to perform almost any task - or even a piece of ritual - by better understanding the workings of the mind.

W Bro James' presentation was made all the clearer by his clever use of diagrams - drawn directly on the head of our secretary, W Bro Martin Lawrence!

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