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Our first birthday

A party with the King of Rock 'n' Roll

To celebrate the first birthday of the consecration of Aedificandum Lodge, more than 50 people attended a party at the Lenchford Inn, Shrawley.

The theme was 'the 1970's' and several of the members and their ladies came dressed to impress in period costume!

Highlight of the evening was a performance by Elvis Presley - 'The King' - who had the whole audience singing and cheering for more. Sadly, W Bro Phil Goalby was the only member not to see the concert as he seemed to have left the room just before the music started and only reappeared once Elvis had left the building....

One of the principal aims of the lodge from the outset was to be a 'sociable' lodge and the party was thrown open to members, their wives and partners and non-masonic friends. Together they generously donated £300.00 towards Appeal 2022.

Click here to see more photographs of the evening.

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