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Finstall Family Festivities

Summer BBQ at our W.M.'s home

Our W.M., Patrick and his wife Janice threw open their beautiful home to members of the lodge, their families and friends for a splendid summer barbecue on 15th July.


Some of the guests were attending their first-ever masonic event, the youngest being only two years old! But with extensive gardens to enjoy, a 'haunted' wood to explore and seemingly limitless food and refreshments available, the whole event was enjoyed by all.


The afternoon was an opportunity for members of this relatively new lodge to get to know each others' families a little better, although it must be said that seriousness with which the croquet competition was taken revealed some of the lodge members' less admirable character traits!

W Bro Dave Emery's grandson Olly, having finished last in the first croquet game, quietly brushes up on his technique!

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