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Aedificandum Lodge 9937 Consecration

Moseley Masonic Hall

Aedificandum Lodge No.9937 was consecrated on January 14th 2017 at a ceremony attended by its Founders - led by W Bro Patrick Firminger - a Provincial Team which including the Provincial Grand Master and numerous visiting brethren. The total attendance was more than 130 people!

Aedificandum Lodge (Eye-difi-can-dum), No. 9937 is a Lodge for those connected with the world of building, a point not lost on the Provincial Chaplain, who remarked: “…..when the PGM said that he wanted the oration ready for today, I sucked my teeth and suggested that I could probably get part of it done in three weeks’ time since I am also working on two other orations for other Lodges.”

R. W. Bro. Robert C. Vaughan, PGM performed the consecration ceremony with the help of the Provincial Team - including the Provincial Choir - and W. Bro. S. J. Wyer, PSGD, AsstPGM, Installed the Worshipful Master W Bro Patrick Firminger who then appointed and Invested his officers.

At the Festive Board, members and guests alike were presented with souvenir, ‘spirit level’ cuff links which members will henceforth wear at every meeting - or risk a fine!

Most of the visitors cracked similar jokes about being surprised to see so many from the building industry working on a Saturday!

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